School District 8 is comprised of three distinct communities of schools, organized geographically. Within each community of schools, all school programs from K-12 are available as well as services that support learning.

Community of Schools - East
                                                                                          Contact             French Immersion       Grades
Bayside Middle(506) 658-5331Late6 to 8
Bayview Elementary(506) 658-5332NoK to 5
Champlain Heights(506) 658-5335NoK to 5
Forest Hills School(506) 658-5338EarlyK to 8
Glen Falls(506) 658-5340NoK to 5
Lakewood Heights(506) 658-5348NoK to 5
Loch Lomond(506) 658-3095EarlyK to 5
St. Martins(506) 833-2000NoK to 8
Simonds High(506) 658-5367Yes9 to 12
Woodlawn Learning Centre(506) 643-6190No9 to 12

Community of Schools - Central                                                                                                                                                              Contact           French Immersion       Grades
Centennial School(506) 643-7511NoK to 5
Hazen White/St. Francis(506) 658-5343NoK to 8
Lorne Middle(506) 658-5351No6 to 8
M. Gerald Teed Memorial(506) 658-5352NoK to 5
Millidgeville North(506) 658-2738EarlyK to 8
Prince Charles(506) 658-5355NoK to 8
Princess Elizabeth(506) 658-5356LateK to 8
Saint John High School(506) 658-5358YesK to 8
St. John the Baptist - King Edward(506) 658-5357NoK to 8
St. Malachy’s High(506) 658-5361Yes9 to 12

Community of Schools - WestSchools                                                                                                                                                           Contact         French Immersion       Grades
Barnhill Memorial(506) 658-5393Late6 to 8
Beaconsfield(506) 658-5984Early6 to 8
Brown’s Flat(506) 468-6001NoK to 5
Fundy Shores(506) 659-3943NoK to 8
Grand Bay Primary(506) 738-6504NoK to 2
Harbour View High(506) 658-5359Yes9 to 12
Havelock(506) 658-5342EarlyK to 5
Inglewood(506) 738-6405No3 to 5
Island View(506) 643-2986NoK to 5
Morna Heights(506) 738-6486NoK to 5
River Valley Middle(506) 738-6511Early & Late6 to 8
Seawood(506) 643-2974NoK to 5
St. Patrick’s(506) 658-5362NoK to 5
St. Rose(506) 658-5364NoK to 5
Westfield Elementary(506) 757-2020EarlyK to 5

School Boundary Maps

The following boundary maps are available as PDF (Portable Document Format) files and will require Adobe Reader to open.

Kennebecasis Valley Elementary School Boundary Map

Kennebecasis Valley Middle School Boundary Map

Fairvale Elementary School Boundary Map

Kennebecasis Park Elementary Boundary Map 

Harry Miller Middle School Boundary Map

Lakefield Elementary School Boundary Map

Quispamsis Elementary School Boundary Map

Quispamsis Middle School Boundary Map

Rothesay Elementary School Boundary Map

Rothesay Park School Boundary Map

Kennebecasis Valley High School Boundary Map

Rothesay High School Boundary Map

All Sussex Area Elementary School Boundaries Map

Apohaqui Elementary School Boundaries Map

Belleisle School Boundaries Map

Dr Leatherbarrow / Hampton Elementary School Boundaries Map

Hampton Middle / Hampton High School Boundaries Map

Hammond River Valley Elementary Boundaries Map

MacDonald Consolodated School Boundaries Map

Norton Elementary School Boundaries Map

Sussex Corner School Boundaries Map

Sussex Elementary School Boundaries Map

Sussex Middle / Sussex High School Boundaries Map